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Caring for your jewellery

The best way to care for your strings and beads jewelry is to make sure that the pieces are kept in a dry drawstring bag when not being worn. Keeping all of your pieces separate from each other is the best way to prevent scratching. Also, it is advised minimize your jewelry’s contact to harsh chemicals (hairspray, perfume, bleach, etc.) and avoid wearing it in the shower or whilst swimming or even any high intensity workouts. This will help to ensure your jewelry will stay beautiful a lot longer.

Stretch Bracelets

S&B beaded bracelets are made using strong stretch cord. Due to the nature of this stretch cord it is possible, over time, to stretch further and could even break. To prolong the integrity of your bracelets I suggest these tips:

– Always roll bracelet over your hand as opposed to pulling/stretching onto your hand.
– Avoid wearing in the water or while partaking in high intensity activities.
– Do not tug or stretch while wearing.
– Never sleep with your bracelets on.
– Wear your strings & beads jewelry to remind you of your intentions or simply for their free-spirited beauty.

I hope that you cherish them for years to come!

Cleansing Your Jewelry

Our healing jewelry made with crystals can soak up negative energies and need to be cleansed to renew the positive energy! How frequently you cleanse your beads is based entirely on personal preference, but we do recommend cleansing them at least once in a month. There are several great ways to cleanse them. Here’s a few of our favorites.

MOONLIGHT & SUNLIGHT Bathe your jewelry under the Moon’s glow or in the Sun’s light

VIBRATIONS Use sound vibrations such as those produced by a Tibetan singing bowl, small cymbals known as Tibetan Tingsha or by chanting a Mantra near your Mala Beads in a quiet place.

SAGE Burn purifying sage or palo santo near your Mala Beads

FRANKINCENSE Alternatively, you can burn some Frankincense/Oud and let your bracelets sit there near its smoke.

SOIL Place your jewelry on the soil or branches of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.

Intention Setting

Your healing jewelry will protect you, guide you in daily life, and will serve as a constant reminder of the divinity that is with in you.

It is a good idea to ‘activate’ your jewelry before wearing them to ensure they are connected with your energy and intention.

Here is how you can set an intention to your jewelry

– Create a quite space and settle in to a comfortable seated posture. Light a candle or your favorite incense.
– Close your eyes and start to lengthen your breath. Breathe.
– With a clear and calm mind state your intention to the beads, moving the seeds through your fingers.
– Visualize yourself finding peace of mind and inner calmness.
– Sit for at least 5 minutes to seal the energetic bond.

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