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Creating A Sacred Space At Home


Sacred spaces are becoming more essential in everyday life because of the daily stress we put ourselves through. Finding a place that’s special and allows you to relax, reflect and experience tranquility can be a vital part of your self-care and wellness routines.

Most of us strive to make our homes feel comfortable and welcoming and to provide the space for cultivating happiness and creating shared memories with our loved ones. This is such a wonderful thing as it nourishes and strengthens our relationships with others.

However, we often overlook & forget to give the same care and attention to creating space for oneself. 

I encourage you to shift your thinking beyond just making your home a comfortable space for your outer self but also to make it a calming and nurturing space for your soul as well.

Spending time by yourself with your thoughts, emotions, feelings and intentions can be a very nourishing experience for personal growth. 

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by creating a sacred space in your home – a space you can connect with your inner self. There are various ways you can connect with your inner self – it can be through meditation, self reflection, journaling, yoga or prayer to name a few.

I am going to share some of the steps you can take for creating sacred space in your home. I’ll also offer up some suggestions and tips for how you can use sacred spaces to experience more inner peace and connection in your daily life.

Create Your Sacred Space in Four Easy Steps

  1. Choose a small location that is away from a lot of activity such as a corner of a bedroom or spare room.
  2. In your chosen space, place a small low table to hold items that are special to you. If you don’t have one, anything will do, even an old wooden crate.
  3. Get something comfortable to sit on like a meditation cushion or pillow. The closer you are to the floor, the more grounded you will feel.
  4. Place items that you find beautiful or love on your table such as things you collected on a walk in nature, inspirational quotes, photographs, crystals, or fresh flowers. These items should speak to your soul in a way that is both nurturing and inspiring, and that connects you to your spiritual nature. It’s a great idea to address the different senses that this sacred space can help connect with. 
  • To address the senses of sight, you can add things like healing crystals, relics, or anything else that helps you get yourself re-centered during your day. If you decide to use crystals in your sacred space, you should cleanse and program them with an intention. Crystals are one of my favorite items to use in my sacred spaces. 

When choosing crystals for your sacred space, always look for stones that resonate with your spirit. Our favorite types for meditation and peaceful introspection are Celestite, Amethyst & Quartz. The healing power of  these crystals can be very calming & uplifting at the same time.

  • To address the sense of smell, you can use things like incense, diffuse some essential oils, light a candle, or add a few soothing scents that help you relax and feel like you are at peace with yourself. One of the best scents to help you meditate is sandalwood.
  • To address the sense of sound, you can play a relaxing CD or some good music that will help boost some pleasure-producing chemicals throughout your body. Music is also known to help put you in a deeper meditative state. I personally love the singing bowls & chanting some mantras.
  • To address the sense of touch, you can implement the symbolic act of lighting a candle . Light a candle whenever you are starting your relaxation period. It will help symbolize the fact that you are transitioning into a new state of mind. I personally love burning the “palo santo” for addressing the sense of touch. Also holding prayer beads or your bracelets &/or your favorite healing stone or crystal.

Experiment by bringing in different items to see what works best for you, adding or deleting items as you go along.

Pro Tip: For your sacred space, choose a room in your home with lots of natural light, which is known to boost wellness. In fact, a 2014 study found that natural lighting coming in through windows resulted in a stronger sense of well-being. According to researchers, natural light helps the body stay in tune with circadian rhythms, which naturally regulate the different energy levels needed to be awake during the daytime and at night when we need to go sleep.

Creating a sacred space gives you the chance to communicate with your higher self. A room closed off from the rest of your home and the world keeps out the noise so you can concentrate on being the real you. Try to keep your space simple. Remember, your life on the outside is a reflection of your life on the inside, so if the space feels cluttered, it’s a sign that you’re juggling too many things and need to slow down the hectic pace of your life.

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