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Crystals for Strength + Personal Power

Now more than ever, we need to step into our personal power. We are experiencing our freedoms being taken away, our businesses being shut down, our livelihood being jeopardized, and it’s certainly not an empowering situation.

BUT, by supporting ourselves with the things we need to take back our power, we can rediscover our strength even in the midst of the challenges we are facing.

There are many crystals that can help us achieve this, and we’ve chosen some of our favorites to discuss with you today.


It was tough to choose, as there are so many crystals that can help us develop strength and personal strength, but here are our top picks…


Serpentine is a highly spiritual crystal that protects us from negative energy while attracting positive energy at the same time.

As it aims to activate kundalini energy, it has the ability to open all of the chakras, and it resonates strongest with the crown chakra.

Personal strength comes strongest when it follows the clearing of emotional blockages, and that is why serpentine is one of the best crystals for strength popjav.

As we heal our emotional issues, we expand our consciousness and experience inner peace. From that place, nothing can touch us.

Our Grounding bracelets feature “Serpentine” alongside “Lava” which can make a great combination to remove the stress, worry & anxiety that is taking over our life in these situations


Tiger’s Eye is probably the stone that most people think of when the topic of crystals for personal power comes to mind. 

This power stone is all about inner strength, confidence, and vitality. It carries a strong protective energy that provides feelings of stamina and stability, and it is often called the Stone of Courage.

As it is a lower chakra stone, Tiger’s Eye helps us develop the grounding foundation we need to move into higher consciousness. In that way, it helps us integrate spirituality with physical life.

With its help, we are likely to have more perseverance and emotional strength, and we can find more creative solutions to turn crisis around.

If you want to know how to go with the flow while manifesting change and wealth, this is the stone for you.


Carnelian is known for its action-inspiring energy. It’s wonderful for providing a boost of physical energy, inner strength, and confidence to overcome challenges and seize the day. 

That description alone should make it clear as to why we’ve chosen Carnelian as one of our favorite crystals for strength, but there’s much more to it than that.

This is a stone that empowers us by helping us to believe in ourselves. It can uplift us and energize us, stimulating our mental and physical state.

If you are lacking courage, willpower, or drive, Carnelian is the power stone to give it to you.


Citrine is one of the best crystals for personal power for many reasons. It is a solar plexus stone, which means it helps to provide willpower, motivation, and empowerment. 

It brings us mental and emotional clarity that reveals itself as confidence. It’s an extremely invigorating crystal, serving to uplift the inner spirit and provide a quick dose of optimism and physical energy.

Citrine helps us turn our difficult situations in a positive direction. It supports self-discipline, creativity, and goal attainment. 

This is also one of the best stones for abundance and prosperity. It dissolves negative energy, protects us from hardship, and helps us to go with the flow.


Another one of our favorite crystals for strength is Garnet because of its deep vitality-inducing energy. Its grounding energy is extremely soothing, helping us to clear emotional trauma and find balance.

If you’re feeling trapped, fatigued, and even angry at what is taking place, Garnet is there to relieve your emotional stress, dissipate the drama in your life, and grant you the passion and energy to move forward.

This stone of love and devotion will help you trust yourself, overcome crisis, and come out of it with more confidence than ever before.


Bloodstone strengthens the root chakra, grounding us into our physical bodies while cleansing the aura. Therefore, it helps us endure physical and emotional crisis.

With this stone, we can experience the courage and vitality we need to move through challenges and face difficult situations.

As Bloodstone carries the energy of blood, which is the primal life-force energy that surges through our bodies, it helps to tap into our personal strength and transform us from the inside out.

It supports our health and healing during crisis by motivating us to stick to our healthy habits. With its help, our fears don’t control us and we can take care of business.

The “Heal Anxiety” bracelet features Bloodstoone in them.


Now that you know about some of the best crystals for inner strength, you might be wondering how to use them to get the results you are seeking. Here are some of the best ways we have found to use these stones…


It’s so easy to pop one or two of these stones into your pocket, and then you get to enjoy the benefits of the frequency they put out all day long. 


If you are struggling to feel confident at work or to exert your personal power in your career, placing crystals for strength on your desk or near you in your work station can help.


By meditating with any of these crystals for personal power, you’ll increase the magnitude of their power and allow yourself to absorb their healing energies. You can hold them in your hand while meditating or simply place them near you.


When we wear crystal jewelry, we get to not only adorn ourselves in the beauty of these healing stones but also feel the effects of them wherever we go. 


The lower chakras, including the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus, are the energy centers in the body that are most associated with strength and personal power.

By placing these crystals for strength on your lower chakras, you can help to balance those chakras and remove any blockages that are occurring.

Finally, With all of the current obstacles and difficulties we are all being subjected to, these crystals for strength and personal power can help us endure it all at pounds to pocket loan alternative.

They will help us thrive during this time instead of falling into unhealthy habits by removing self-sabotage and bringing us the motivation and courage we need to carry on. 

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