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Crystals for your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Especially today, with the constant flow of information available on your phone, TV or computer, it’s more crucial than ever to have a place where you can go to disconnect. Your bedroom is a space of restoration for the mind, body and spirit.  If it doesn’t hold a cleansed and peaceful energy, then you’re not truly able to refresh the mind. Carrying anxious thoughts or worries into the bedroom puts a strain on your mind’s ability to sleep, and your body’s ability to heal. It’s important to make sure that your space is comfortable and filled with objects that help make your room the ultimate reset button and happy place.

Some tips to make your bedroom your ultimate zen sanctuary-

  1. Make your bed every morning. This is a symbolic act in the morning that lets your subconscious mind know that the time for rest is past, you’re ready for the day ahead. And when you walk into your bedroom ready to sleep at night, the act of peeling the sheets back is another trigger to your subconcsious mind that it’s time to sleep.
  2. Open your curtains every morning. This lets the sunlight in and helps you to bring in that fresh, revitalizing energy. Then at night, while preparing for bed, close the curtains or blinds. After you do this enough times, this action will signify that it’s time for rest. To get into it on a deeper, energetic level, bringing in the light stimulates yang energy. When you never open your curtains to let light in, there’s too much yin energy, and your space becomes unbalanced.
  3. Make sure your nightstand & dresser is not cluttered. Remove objects that don’t spark joy in these places. Never pile up clothes on the chair or keep bills in your bed side table. Keeping the drawers & tables clean will help to inspire clarity of mind, so you can transition to sleep easier without overactive thoughts and unfinished tasks bombarding your rest.
  4. Do not bring any electronics to your bedroom. No cellphones, Tabs, Computers, TV’s etc. (just trust me on this. try it)

Once you take care of these areas, we can bring in tools to inspire & create a more zen space. To help you create the best energy for your bedroom, I have created this list of my favorite crystals for the bedroom. 


If you have to bring in only crystal to your bedroom, may it be Selenite. It’s not always physical clutter that’s disrupting your sleep; sometimes it’s the emotional clutter. Use selenite to clear unwanted or overactive emotions, thoughts and mindsets away before bed. Place a selenite on the nightstand, and before you go to bed, place it over your chest and allow yourself to feel it’s soothing, light energy sink into your body and spirit.


Rose Quartz is the love stone. Hold it in your hand as it opens your heart, increases self-acceptance and the ability to love others. Sleep with it under your pillow to help soothe heartaches or place on your bedside or dresser to fill the room with gentle energies of peace and compassion. 

Whether you share your room with a significant other or not, this stone helps bring in love and then nourish it. It can also help with other aspects of your bedroom life (if ya know what I mean 😉)


This purple sparkly stone is great for your room because its energies focus on maintaining a nice balance of emotional highs and lows. Amethyst is a spiritually expansive stone that helps you to burst through mental blocks. Let it soothe your mind and emotions so you can set new peaceful intentions for yourself. 

The energies of “Rose Quartz & Amethyst” work beautifully together on you energetically even when you’re not actively interacting with them. In my opinion, they make the ultimate crystal couple for the bedroom Place them on your nightstand, and let the duality of these two crystals for the bedroom work wonders on both your love life and self love journey. 


Celestite has a calming and soothing energy. The gentle vibration of this stone calms chaos and ushers in a protective field of white light. If you suffer from bad dreams, this can help you sleep easier by soothing those fears. Celestite’s energy is a rainbow of happiness that will inspire good thoughts, happy dreams and more sleep-filled nights for you!

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