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Crystals for your Office Space + Desk

It is important to have a serene work environment to feel content and fulfilled, since this is the place where we spend most of our time.

The physical space we work in also needs to resonate well-being with lots of light and proper furnishings along with the removal of cyber “smog” which is found in the electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) coming from our computers, cell phones and other machines.

So how can we keep our work environment clean both physically and psychologically? Bringing balance back to your work life and productivity is as easy as adding crystals to your work space.

While there is a vast array of crystals that help increase productivity, I’ve intentionally selected 8 crystals that are great for an office environment.

A conscious audit of your workspace or home office with crystals can help you remove that stale, dull energy and replace it with motivational and productive vibes. Crystals are beautiful and inspirational to look at and give off all kinds of positive healing powers.

Whether you work from an office, cubicle, studio, shop, restaurant, vehicle or home, crystals give you the pick-me-up you crave. Check How to Find the Best Casino Bonus in Canada | iBetnetwork.

Adding crystals to your office shifts the energy to a healing space. Here are the top 8 crystals you should add –

  1. Clear Quartz

When distractions arise, we like clear quartz to help stay focused. This clear crystal reminds you to clear your mind and zero in on your priorities.

Intention: Before placing it in your space, hold a piece of clear quartz in your hands and say, “I program this clear quartz for mental focus.” Make a to-do list and place your clear quartz crystal on top to remind you to stay on track with your priorities.

2. Amethyst

For those unavoidably stressful situations, use amethyst to help you get back to a place of calm and relaxation. It may guide you away from tense thoughts.

Intention: Hold a piece of amethyst in your hands and say, “I program this amethyst to calm my mind.” Then place it on your desk or workspace. Whenever you feel stressed, use it as a visual reminder to reconnect to a calmer state of mind.

3. Rose Quartz

The soft and gentle energy of a rose quartz crystal helps you remember to be compassionate and kind to yourself and others. Whether you’ve made a mistake or found another reason to be disappointed with or harsh on yourself or someone else, rose quartz reminds to you approach all relationships from a place of love and compassion.

Intention: Before placing it in your space, hold a piece of rose quartz in your hands and say, “I program this rose quartz for kindness.” Whenever you notice yourself being judgmental or critical, squeeze it to connect to your heart space.

4. Pyrite

The golden shimmer and abundant energy of pyrite crystal is associated with attracting money and wealth into your life. When you are looking to strike gold, work with pyrite to help you focus on bringing opportunities to fruition.

Intention: Hold a piece of pyrite in your hands and say, “I program this pyrite for financial success.” Then place it on top of a business card, a proposal, or some other document related to a project you are working on.

5. Black Tourmaline

The ultimate stone for protection, black tourmaline may be used to support your energetic boundaries and prevent the energy of other people from entering your energy field. Think of it as an energetic bodyguard, keeping energy vampires and other negative influences at bay.

Intention: Hold a piece of black tourmaline in your hands and say, “I program this black tourmaline as a protective shield against negative energy.” Place a piece in each of the four corners of your office, home, or another room. You can also place one chunk near the front door of your home or the door to your office so that every time you see it, you’ll know that you don’t have to let bad vibes in.

6. Shungite

For anyone working with or near technology, crystal shamans recommend the energy from shungite as a reminder to balance technology with nature.

Intention: Hold the shungite in your hands and say, “I program this shungite as an energetic shield around electromagnetic fields.” Place it underneath your device (cell phone, computer, laptop). And hold your shungite crystal in the morning to help restore your energy.

7. Fluorite

A fluorite crystal has the ability to absorb and neutralize any harmful or negative energy within a space. When placed in a room, its energy brings balance and restores order to the energies, people and crystals around it. It restores order to energetic chaos and disorganization, filling your space with harmony and peace. 

Intention: Hold the Fluorite in your hands and say, “I program this fluorite to bring clarity & inspire creativity” Place it beside your device (cell phone, computer, laptop). And hold your fluorite crystal in the morning to raise your vibration.

8. Citrine

Citrine is incredibly well known to be a stone of abundance, but it’s also a stone of light and happiness.citrine supports you in manifesting your intentions and attracting success, prosperity, and abundance. It’s also energetically protective, and aligns your willpower with your intentions.

Intention: Hold the Citrine in your hands and say, “I program this citrine to bring abundance & joy” Place it on your business card or in your cash box or drawer. 

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