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Stones and crystals have been used for energetic healing for millennia. Scientists have long studied the phenomena of crystals, discovering that their metaphysical properties have the ability to generate electrical charge and even store data. The vibrational frequency of crystals has the ability to interact with our bio-magnetic field to restore natural harmony and balance.

All you have to do is simply allow the positive and calming energies from crystals to flow into you. This can help you achieve a more peaceful and revitalised state of being, and even let go of negative vibrations. Relax and let the crystals do the work!

There are many ways to work with crystals. You can receive their beneficial properties from just carrying them with you, placing them on your body, wearing them as jewellery, meditating with them or bringing them to your yoga class.

You can also create a crystal grid with your collection of crystals, this will work to amplify their healing properties and magnify your intentions. Some people enjoy placing crystals around the home or work space as decoration – make them the centrepiece of your sacred altar or try placing them next to your plants!

There are many different ways you can cleanse your crystals. All are effective, the method that you enjoy and resonates with you most will work most authentically. Some popular cleansing methods are:

Salt, sound vibrations, selenite, burning flame, water, soil, intentional breath, moonlight/ sunlight, visualisation, energy healing and smudging. For more in-depth instructions, you can check out our guide on “How To Cleanse Your Crystals”.

Choosing a crystal relies a lot on your own personal intuition or the intention you are looking to manifest. Often our intuition tells us what we need before we even recognise it ourselves. Some crystals might catch your eye, draw you in or light up something in your stomach. Listen to your gut feeling and trust your initial response!

The size of a crystal affects how strongly the stone vibrates and emits energy. Larger crystals are more suitable for home environments and can create a sacred space with peaceful and healing vibrations. Smaller crystals are ideal for personal use – carrying with you in your purse or pocket, placing under your pillow or holding in your hand during meditations.

All of our crystals are cleansed before they are sent out, however you might want to perform your own cleanse to neutralise your new stone to your environment. You can also programme your crystal with your own personal intention. This can be done by holding the stone in both hands then, summoning your energies, set your intention for how you would like your new crystal to best serve you. Once you’ve done both of those things, you’re ready to go with enjoying your new crystal companion!

At times, a crystal break can mean a shift is happening in your life. If the old doesn’t serve you anymore, it’s a sign that you are ready to release them. You can also contemplate and ask yourself: Does the energy of crystal still serve your needs? Is the intention you set for the stone aligned with you? Or it can simply be an accident without meaning. Sit with the crystals for a moment and see what comes up for you.

An intention is a specific aim or attitude you set that is manifested with a positive, clear statement. Intentions can guide your activities, decisions, choices, thoughts and influence your actual experience. Spend some time to consider the intention that is true to you, such as “ I want to let go of fear and be more gentle to myself”. Without striving or pushing, slowly sink into that feeling of your intention, notice how it feels in your body. This is where the manifestation magic begins!


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