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An MBA grad with a background in Corporate Communications & Marketing, Archana chose her passion over her high paying daily job in 2011 & began Strings and Beads in Qatar.  Crystal Healing happened by accident and since then life has changed for Archana. A tarot card reader & an Energy healer, Archana has always had a huge interest in metaphysics, sacred geometry, and mythology. Strings & Beads clearly illustrates Archana’s passion for crystals, the law of attraction, and all things mystical. Archana’s vision is to celebrate style and craftsmanship in everyday jewelry and to reinstate healing gemstones so men & women can wear this jewelry every day that can help them in their personal, social, professional and spiritual growth. She is a certified crystal healer & a Graduate Gemologist from GIA who travels far & wide to get her gemstones & supports other small artisans who are into fair trade business practices.

Archana is a very people-loving, coffee-drinking, worshipper-of-Mother-Earth who lives for adventure, traveling, and eating really, really good food. She hails from India and spends pretty much every waking minute building, discussing, exploring, and delighting in Strings and Beads. She lives with her charming & inspiring husband and their adorable sons, Rithik & Guhan in Dubai, UAE.

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