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Get Grounded

We have all heard the word before, but what does Grounding actually mean? 

Grounding is a practice of energetically connecting to yourself, your values, and your vision. Grounding at its root is a practice of energetically connecting to the earth, like a plant growing from a stable and nourishing soil. When you are grounded it allows you to be present, organize your thoughts, and grow in a way that is in alignment with your vision. When you are ungrounded you may feel frantic, stressed, in chaos, easily distracted, powerless, spacey, and unconnected to your body and life Rollers. Being ungrounded can make you feel out of control and trigger anxiety because you become easily influenced by other people and your environment. We all have those frantic days where there doesn’t seem to be enough hours, or where we are overwhelmed, people pleasing, trying to meet others’ expectations, feeling scatterbrained, or lost, visit www.currysupply.com These are the times when it’s really important to re-ground, bring your energy back to you, refill your cup, and realign with what is important to you. When you are grounded, you become your own energy source, drawing on a strong foundational relationship within yourself. Grounding allows your body to access your talents, bdsm your power, and nourish your visions and goals to create the best life for you.

Ways to ground yourself

1. Go on a walk with your barefoot. Walking the green grass is one of my favorite ways to reconnect with myself and stay grounded! When is the last time you put your feet in the grass and really felt the earth? When we were kids, we did this all the time. And weren’t we much more grounded back then? So kick off your shoes and talk a walk outside.

Plus, the warm sun will do your soul well and the exercise will bring you to the here and now. PS — walking on the sidewalk won’t cut it (and ew, gross). You have to actually get your feet in the dirt, sand, grass, or ocean. 

2.Get gardening. Bonus points if you grow some root veggies for roasting! This is the same concept of walking barefoot in the earth — so you have to ditch those garden gloves and put your hands in the dirt. It also gets you active and moving, just like cleaning, so your brain becomes more engaged and grounded.

3.Take a salt bath. I don’t ever need an excuse to do this, because I love it. Salts have natural healing properties and water cleanses energy so combine them and you’ve got a really “how to ground yourself” winner! Sea salt, epsom salt, or Himalayan salt (my personal fave!) are excellent choices for this method. Add about a cup or so to the warm, running water. Sit and enjoy for 20 – 30 minutes. Ahhhh…

4. Hold a grounding crystal or stone. This is about the simplest thing you can do when learning how to ground yourself. You can carry a crystal or stone in your purse, pocket, or wear them as jewelry! I keep a few in my desk at home (where I spend a lot of time). The best crystals that can help ground are : Smoky Quartz, Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite & Lava.

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