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Gemstones have been used since ancient times, for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Alternative healers all over the world still use gemstones today. Quantum physics has proven that everything in the universe is vibration. You may be familiar with the healing powers of our plant kingdom- many herbs have been used for centuries for their various healing powers. Nature has endowed various properties to different plants that can help us heal ourselves and bring ourselves back into balance. Just as the plant kingdom has been endowed with powerful natural healing properties, so has our mineral kingdom. Each mineral and crystal has a unique vibratory frequency that we can use to help us find balance and harmony.


The stone is known to rebalance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit. It is also known to cleanse and stabilize the aura, banishing negativity. Agate is believed to stimulate and strengthen our analytical capabilities, encouraging us to think clearly and concentrate upon the task at hand. It’s also believed that the stone allows us to gain inspiration from spiritual worlds.


The stone of harmony, both within the self and among others. It is a truth-teller + a peacemaker, assisting us in communicating our true thoughts and feelings without being overly emotional. Because it activates the throat chakra, it magnifies our intentions and encourages us to speak them out loud in order to make our dreams become reality.


The stone of spiritual protection and purification. It stimulates the crown chakra + aids in meditation. It facilitates an energetic field that wards off negativity and can bring to the wearer a feeling of being surrounded and protected by a “bubble of Light”.  It can be used to curb overindulgence and release bad habits.


The stone of optimism and zest for life. It helps you move forward with confidence into new situations. It brings with it a feeling of lightness + humor, assisting in dealing with life’s ups and downs with more ease. It heals though instilling life-force energy to rebuild depleted energy reserves.


The stone of vitality. Activates the sacral chakra, bringing an influx of sexual + creative energies and assertive will. It is powerful to those who wish to build their confidence, courage, passion + power. Promotes the willingness to take risks necessary to move forward with strong action.


The stone of imagination and joy. It harmonizes the second, third and sixth chakras, activating our thinking process and enhancing mental clarity. It is know as a stone of abundance and prosperity and provides uplifting energy to those who feel depleted.


The powerful stone of attraction. It can help one ‘magnetize’ a lover, a new job or any creative project you wish to manifest. It enhances charisma and magnifies the vibration of the second chakra, emphasizing creativity and sexuality. Has been known to promote fertility on any level.


A stone for healing the heart. Its energies are so strong and steady, one feels a flow of well-being and balance almost immediately upon touching it. Fosters wholesome and steady growth of life-force energy.


The stone of royalty + spirituality. Activates the third eye chakra, facilitating enhanced intuition. This stone of visionary awareness enhances intellectual ability, making you a better learner and teacher. It is a catalyst for a mystical journey to higher awareness.


Moon Stone is believed to provide balance, and relieve the feeling of hopelessness. It also serves as an emotional stabilizer. It’s believed to increase intuition and is good for harmonious relationships. The stone is also associated with relieving asthma, cleaning the lymphs, and aiding the pancreas and spleen.


The stone of inner strength. It emanates the energy of self-mastery, helping you to control, focus and direct your will, bringing about a considerable increase in your personal power. It will allow you to take on a challenge with persistence, while calming anxiety and soothing any fear or doubt.

Clear Quartz

The most versatile and multidimensional stone, it is the stone of light. It brings heightened spiritual awareness + high vibrational frequency to the wearer. It can be used for any metaphysical purpose including healing, chakra opening and enhancement of meditation.


Promotes the energy of outer-directed love. Encourages using your gifts + talents for the benefit of the community. This quality is altruism, generosity and the theory that there is greater satisfaction in giving than receiving, so that you can experience fulfillment of the deepest desire to love and be loved.

Rose Quartz

The pure stone of love – for ones self, ones partner, children, family, friends, community, earth, the Universe and the Divine. Activates the heart chakra to heal emotional wounds and reawaken its trust. Releases tension + stress, dissolves anger + resentment. Balances all chakras through its abundance of love energy!


The beads, which are sustainably harvested on trees in South East Asia, are known to increase clarity and general awareness, calm the central nervous system, help quiet the mind, and free you of negative thoughts. In addition, they are known to be cooling when worn against the skin, and increase immunity, energy and stamina while providing rejuvenating qualities.

Smokey Quartz

One of the premier grounding and anchoring stones, it enhances practicality and organization and calms an overactive mind. Smokey Quartz can absorb and transmute unlimited amounts of negativity, ease emotional anguish, and relieves stress.


This stone has the ability to heal the emotional body, teaching the wisdom of compassion and forgiveness. A stone of wholeness + truth. It demonstrates that when we view others through the lens of compassion and understanding, we will immediately receive those gifts through our own heart.

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