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Calm in the Storm

د.إ 165.00

Calm in the Storm

د.إ 165.00

The stress of every day can feel overwhelming and like a burden, as if we are being physically weighed down by all the negativity in these uncertain times of our life. They leave us feeling drained and unable to flow through our life. What if we could transform these feelings into good energy? This bracelet is a way to brush off that negativity and drop the worry so that you can care less about the stress and more about what is most important. It doesn’t block the negative out but it changes how you perceive it and how you are going to react to it. It drops those boulders off your back before you let them become road blocks to your progress. Allow this piece to help you ease up on reacting to every little stressor in your day, and see the path ahead with new fresh eye. You’ve got this, now let all the rest roll off.

The healing energies of lava, black tourmaline, labrodorite, clear quartz, amethyst & smoky quartz work in unison to provide the calm wisdom of knowing who you are in a confident and balanced way during the uncertain times. Our “Calm in the Storm” Bracelet was designed to help soothe your overactive mind and facilitate the release of stress and anxiety. Wear the bracelet when you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed out. Let its energy soothe your soul and relax your body so you can release any stress you are holding onto. 

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