Gem Water Bottle : Rose Quartz

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Gem Water Bottle : Rose Quartz

د.إ 190.00

Endless power bank of energy, wellness, and true beauty. Our Rose Quartz Water Bottle contains a certified genuine Rose Quartz Crystal to infuse and recharge your drinking water. Turn your water into a Rose Quartz Elixir and start cleansing, recharging and reviving yourself from inside out.

For Love – Healing – Emotional Freedom
Rose Quartz is the stone of Love – the unconditional kind, independent of circumstance, time or space. Rose Quartz opens up the heart chakra allowing its healing energy to diffuse throughout our entire body. Especially good for unsolved emotional contractions and hurts that have closed us off, such as anger, stress, fear, or resentment. It helps to release the body from such tensions and freeing up space for that which is fresh, healing and inspires the heart.

How does the Water bottle work?

Water is a very sensitive substance. It is believed to have its own consciousness so it reacts to any other substance coming in contact with it by absorbing its energy and in many cases amplifying it. This is why, when you add crystals into water, it absorbs the energy of that crystal. Such methods have been done by ancient healers for ages, as remedies for various conditions and ailments. Our bottle is a modern, safe and very beautiful version of this old tradition.

How do I use my Crystal Water Bottle?

Super Easy – Just pour fresh water into it, and enjoy drinking.  On your first use, however, we advise taking all the pieces apart, washing them very well to make sure all is clean and hygienic, and then putting them back together so you can start enjoying it.

How is the Crystal attached to the bottle?

The crystal is attached to the base of the bottle by a stainless steel cord going through its base and connecting it, neatly and securely, to the base of the bottle. There is no use of glue or any other material.

How much water can the Bottle hold?

The bottle can hold 500-550ml which is roughly 18 ounces, depending on the size of the crystal in it.

How can I wash/clean the Water bottle?

The glass body is dishwasher safe. The stainless steel parts can be easily screwed off and washed by hand. The Crystal itself can be easily washed by hand in fresh water.

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